Heron God


I wondered as I watched
the Great Blue Heron fishing
if he had a god , and if so
did it look like him?

Enormous wings across the sky,
creator Blue; white crest
flowing in eternal winds,
feathered tip extended
not quite touching
first mortal of his making.

Like our own Abrahamic
God, so just like us
in face and mind;
golden iris burning rage
thunder, lightning
final judgment, lesser
herons hurled to hell
on broken wings.

I wondered does the sparrow,
plump and peckish
in the brambles, tiny
lungs like thimbles, pinhead eyes,
tremble at the retribution
of a god of his own kind,
chatter prayers against
the horned and taloned
peregrine, satanic?

Heron God
Will Kirkland
January 2012

So, you like scary stories? Something to keep you awake and afraid?  Here’s one for you: not thieves in the night or assault on the street, not a 500 point drop in the stock-market or being trapped in an elevator.

Just good old, plain and simple, nuclear Armageddon, throbbing and thrumming, not beneath floorboards but in the design and implementation of command and control systems of fifteen thousand  nuclear weapons, 4,400 armed and ready, in 14 countries around the world.

Try Daniel Ellsberg’s The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, where he sets forth, — no italics, no underlining, no double exclamation marks– from personal experience and technical reportage– what the hell the world has been living with since 1933 when Leo Szilard saw the first signs of nuclear fission on a laboratory oscilloscope.

Best known until now for the revelation of the Pentagon Papers and the long rope of lies tied to the war in Vietnam, Ellsberg was, prior to that, a high level consultant for the Rand Corporation, his specialty being Command and Control Systems and game theory: specifically how were people likely to act in perceived emergency situations with incomplete or possibly faulty information.  He himself drafted top-secret nuclear war plans for Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1961 Continue reading »