You know attention has been got when Robert “Only Nuts in California” Lutz, Vice-Chairman of General Motors says that the new G.M. Volt (plug-in hybrid concept car) may be the most important vehicle ever developed at G.M.

It wasn’t so long ago that “Maximum Bob” (max horsepower, max acceleration, max weight) was saying that only a few nuts in California cared about the impact of automobiles on the environment.

We’ll see if he’s really been reborn, but at least he’s standing near the water and he’s got the long robes on…

Maximum Bob Gets Volted

Then, in the same Saturday NY Times business section, we learn about maximum developer David Cole in Maui getting the gospel on sustainable development. Not only are he and others investing in converting sugar cane to produce ethanol (more efficient than corn,) with a goal of making Hawaii energy independent (the Islands now depend 90% on imported oil), Cole required 97% of the used material of his demolished Kapalua Bay Hotel to be re-used. His own desk was once a door.

Looking to do well by doing well

The actions of these two high-rollers doesn’t mean all is well, of course. They intend to make every penny they can, and control the course of the evolution away from oil as much as they can. At this point, though, we can ill afford to quibble. Hurrah their efforts, keep a close eye on developments and keep doing your own work. Onward!