I tripped over Outsourced [2006, dir. John Jeffcoat] the other evening, and after seeing the premise — of cultural confusion as an American “fulfillment manager’ goes to a small village in India (near Bombay/Mumbai) to train his replacement– stuck with it.

No anger here, as the Seattle based on-line seller of American patriotic goods, reads the spread sheets and outsources the whole fulfillment department to India.  Todd Anderson [Josh Hamilton] makes his way via three-wheeled taxi, train and mis communication to a cinder block outpost where 20 or so computers are set up, and young Indians are learning to “Americanize” their English.  Todd, soon understands that he too must “Indianize.” They do, and he does — falling in love with the ravishing Asha [Ayesha Dharker] and eventually turning over his promotion possibilities to Purohit [Asif Basra] the young man he has been training.

No furrowed brows.  Some cultural fun.  Good people get along with good people.  Funny accents.  Nice looking actors.  Hey.  Have a nice day!