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Michael Herr mentions this old classic in the opening pages of his Vietnam war memoir/reportage, Dispatches.

Stop The War (The Cats Are Killing Themselves)

Performed by Wingie Manone [click to listen]
Recorded March 19, 1941
Written by Wingie Manone

(war sound effects)
Man, stop that war, them cats are killing themselves!
Put away the guns, put the bombs on a shelf
Stop this war the cats are killing themselves!
Boy, they’re shootin’ ’em up, and shootin’ ’em line
They even got wings and they’re shooting them fine

A big bomb hit a boat out in the sea
The sailors jumped up, hollered “Whatcha doin’ to me?”

Boy they bring’em down lower than low
When the bomb hits the ground those cats have got to go

(bomb sound effect)
Boy, that sounds like one of those incendiary bombs

Where’d you get that word Wingie?

Boy, I dug it out of the dug out.