I’ve been off in Richardson, Texas, appendage to the greater Dallas area, for several days, soaking in the heady wine of conversation with some 300 people who love literature, and the translation of it, like most of us love breathing. A friend of mine presented his book of translations of Wallace Stevens’ Notes Towards a Supreme Fiction into Portuguese! This would not be a usual project as we believe fervently one should always translate into one’s native tongue. Here, he acted as co-translator and “defender” of the original, pushing his partner into the closest proximation possible. And this just begins it. Readings from Russian, from Chinese. Lots of Spanish and French. A terrific fellow from west Africa dealing with the translations of Francophone pidgins into English. Books you’ve always heard of and books you’d never hear of except at gatherings like this. Gregory Rabassa and Margaret Sayers Peden, our venerable elders, are here. Fine, indeed.