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As to the debate on MSNBC: I got nuthin’. Didn’t watch it. Work, you know.

Various reactions on-line:

Lane Hudson at HuffPo

Reuters Summary

FireDogLake summary
and links to others.

Crooks and Liars has some video of Obama, Kucinich and Iran talk.

MSNBC is pushing its coverage and analysis all morning. They, after all, sponsored the event. I have to say, partly in expectation of seeing Stephanie Miller in the Imus slot next week, and partly because of the debate coverage I’ve been watching MSNBC for my morning fix instead of CNN — and I like what I see. CNN has been on a long down-hill slide until its knees are wobbly and the anchors giddy and palsy to the point of embarrassment. MSNBC, at least this week, has maintained a fairly sober reporting and opinion tone that I can keep on background without hurling….