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The California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) has as a primary mission the education of voters in California to environmental issues. Yearly it publishes a scorecard of how the California Assembly, Senate and Governor have done on legislation for the environment. No surprise Democrats usually get high scores and Republicans get low. Somewhat of a surprise, Governor Schwarzenegger moved from 50% in 2006 to 63% in 2007.

Here’s the snapshot view. Scroll down a bit to see the historical Governors Scores. You’ll think a little more highly of Gray Davis.

The full report is here (PDF). You can go to page 28 for the detailed reckoning of the votes and vetoes. Descriptions of each of the bills precedes.

CLCV also has started a blog with a link to a Jerry Brown interview. As current Attorney General and rumored candidate for Governor, this will hold special interest.

CLCV has also done the work to provide a chart of the Presidential candidates’ positions on klimakatastrophe.

I’ve re-done it to allow comparison of Dems to Dems and Repubs to Repubs. [All work is CLCV’s] You’ll be amazed and appalled at Mr. Security Giuliani’s row, and as interesting, Ron Paul’s row — since he has such high support from the geek-squad which certainly knows what is going on. On the Dem side, Bill Richardson looks like he gets it best. We are in an emergency! Of course, positions are merely sketches of what inevitably becomes a full piece of work, or work left aside. We can’t tell from this, and frankly I haven’t heard from anyone by Al Gore, the deep knowledge of what we are up against, and what it will take.