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Tropical Storm Agatha, the first Eastern Pacific named storm of 2010, was short lived but deadly. Agatha was a tropical storm for just 12 hours, making landfall Saturday on the Pacific coast of Guatemala as a 45 mph tropical storm. However, the storm brought huge amounts of moisture inland that continue to be wrung out as heavy rains by the high mountains of Guatemala and the surrounding nations of Central America. So far, flooding and landslides have killed twelve people in Guatemala, and one person in neighboring El Salvador



Street vendor weeps after losing everything

“Flooding and landslides triggered by the first tropical storm of the year killed at least 99 people in Central America, authorities said Sunday.

Guatemala’s disaster relief spokesman said 82 people died as a result of torrential rains brought by Agatha, which made landfall near the nation’s border with Mexico on Saturday with winds up to 45 mph.

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