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Mediterranea at the Mill Valley Film Festival couldn’t come at a better time.  Though several years in the making, and about sub-Saharan African migrants to Europe, this summer’s witness of tens of thousands of middle-eastern migrants making arduous trips has such people in our minds.

Koudous Seihon, who plays Alicxx is not a professional actor, though on the strength of his performance it might be a good career choice.  The film is based on his own voyage from land-locked Burkin Faso, south of Mali, North of Ghana, through Algeria to Libya, across the the Mediterranean until picked up by the Italian coastguard and into refugee camps and day-labor in southern Italy.



Sundance sponsored

First feature film by Italian director Jonas Carpignano

on desert part selling shoes

robbed by armed Arabs, one guy shot

Boat with no captain/driver

Stranded on a circle of fishing floats when boat sinks

Captured by Italinas

Car ??


Picked up by friend/family

No work available

Shacks with plastic sheeting, tied together poles

on to train and a theft to get sweater, mp3 player to see

Lanuage lessons

Try to see MP3, buying a phone

Orange picking

whores – get out when realize what it is

Loading trucks

Accident at loading dock. Quick wits to turn off machine

Mama Africa, a genial older Italian woman

Dance Party – Rihanna

threat by no Africans outside in Alley

Moroccon trouble maker

Labor Shape up

Meal at orange owners house\

extra work. Multiple languages: English, French, Italian, various african and arabic

Eviction from camp

Picking season over – what will he do. Asks for help with contract work to get residency. Story of Italians grandfather — stick with your own.  but gets work…

2 black rumored dead

Is is Abbas – his friend


Protest march Stop Shootin Blacks

riot, car bashing, fires — we understand for the first time

Beating Abass

Skyping with wife and daughter, tear

walk into wedding party of owners’ daughter, not clear what he will do…

Nice Italians, refugee worker, employer, Mama Africa… but plenty of nasty ones, trolling for a fight

Other s