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It sure seems strange to me that this little episode has gone widely unreported. Last month, one Barbara March, a resident of Connecticut, pled guilty to sending 14 packages of poisoned cookies — along with threatening letters.

The 14 recipients included the nine justices; the chiefs of staff of the Army, Navy, and Air Force; and the director and deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The packages, containing either candy or baked goods, were laced with rat poison.

O’Conner Reveals Poison Threat

The incident happened inApril of 2005 and got little if any attention then. Ms. March was sentenced in October of 2006. Who is this woman? To whom, if anyone, is she connected? Does she have a history of mental instability? Why did she plead not guilty (that is, did she have a lawyer?)

Perhaps none of the packages got close at all to their intended victims; perhaps there were threatening notes in each that would have disuaded all but the most ravenous from eating; perhaps the cook is deranged. Perhaps she is an admirerer of Ann Coulter. [via politicalskullduggery] But we have no way of knowing since there has been no reporting. Had Ms. March been a Muslim of course FOX would have been all over it, trivial or not.