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WW I Aug 6 headline


The first day of actual fighting brought excited reports of German losses to the pages of the conservative Daily Telegraph. (Interestingly, the news pages begin inside the paper, the front being reserved for advertisements and notices.)

One article, though datelined Brussels, does not seem to come from an eye-witness.

A Fierce Combat

From our special correspondent

Brussels, Wednesday (6:36 p.m)

Official news received her today states that a fierce fight occurred at Liege to-day.

The present situation is very favorable for the Belgians, who have victoriously repulsed all German attacks.

The Germans, who endeavored to pass between the intervals between the forts, were driven back by a mixed brigade.

“Not One Returned”

It is said that not a single one who passed the interval returned.

The German shells were unable to pierce the defences.

German aeroplanes showed themselves to be much inferior to the Belgian.

None of the Belgian aeroplanes sustained any accident, but several of the German did so.

It is confirmed that the Germans behaved disgracefully yesterday at Visé.  They shot many civilians, expelling the remainder of the inhabitants and giving the town to the flames.


An addition, a German mine-layer is reported sunk by a British cruiser.

In Holland a general mobilization has crowds of men assembling and preparing to take up positions on the Belgian borders. (pg 5)


Not reported is the first air attack on a European city: a German zeppelin bombs Leige


In England, representatives of Labour “call upon the government to assume control of the nation’s food supply and so prevent the exploitation of the poor …”